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NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, have broken into the mainstream in the past few weeks.

Nifties, as some call them, are a way to prove ownership of a digital asset like a photo, illustration, or video using the blockchain. NFTs aren’t a currency like BitCoin or Ethereum, they have no intrinsic value, the value of an NFT comes from the value of the actual asset that it represents.

The NFT markets have been skyrocketing and this excitement and energy is largely centered on NFT art. Digital art is being sold as NFTs. It usually comes in the form of a jpeg, gif…

I got an email from Ugohow the other day. Ugohar also sent me one. The Ugos send me a lot of emails, they write to me in Russian with links to buy prescription drugs.

Thanks, Ugos.

The Ugos are just a small subset of the spammers I regularly receive contact from. Most of them try to sell me web services like SEO, development, or marketing services. The Ugos and their friends are abusing my contact forms and public email addresses that I have on my websites. I put up with Ugos and friends because sometimes a real human needs to…

The author (Joe Czubiak) taking a timelapse during a storm in LA

On a rainy day at the end of 2020, instead of having a normal Southern California rainy day and curling up with a book and the fireplace on, we decided to venture out. 2020 had left us stuck inside for many reasons.

The virus — Staying inside became the default.

Fires — The fires brought dangerous air quality leaving you to wonder if it was healthier for you to exercise in the poor air or stay sedentary for another while.

Heat — The heat of summer seemed longer than ever this year. Masks have been great in cold weather to…

Photo by Joe Czubiak

I just got back from a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree is beautiful, vast, and despite being a desert, full of life. The park lends itself to be explored on your own whim, to pick and choose between meandering paths in the desert. Many of the paths aren’t paved by people, they’re animal tracks. They could’ve been paved by lizards, mice, squirrels, birds, foxes, coyotes, mountain goats, or even mountain lions.

Of all the wildlife out there, the animal I worry about the most is the rattlesnake. Encounters with rattlesnakes while hiking have become a familiar occurrence…

Let’s do remote meetings on our own time. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

TL;DR — HuddleBot, the automatic check-ins app for Confluence levels up remote meetings.

As businesses have transitioned to more work done remotely, daily routines have had to shift. Status meetings are a common and important touch point for teams. It’s a time that everyone can sync up and even socialize a bit.

There are some holes in this system. When the person next to you is speaking…who was listening? Not me, I was thinking about what I was going to say next. Not only that but don’t ask me what you said last week…or what I said for that matter…

Using a Netlify form should be dead simple. The documentation isn’t very thorough and they are doing a lot in the background that you usually don’t need to know but when things go wrong it sure would have been nice to see some documentation.

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The full code and an interactive demo are at the bottom of the page.

What we are building

We’re building a simple contact form with three fields — name, email, message.

It will be a React component that uses the Ant Design components to display a Netlify form.

The setup

React 16.13

GatsbyJS 2.19

Ant Design 4.1


I’m using Gatsby in…

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